You Are Loved

 We created Snik because of those 3 words. Because we should all feel love. And we should all express love. But as an LGBTQ+ owned company, we know first hand that being accepted and loved for who we are doesn’t always come easily.

So we created something to put inclusivity, community, acceptance, equality and love out into the world. We want to make it a better place for the people in it. To help those in our LGBTQ+ community to feel loved, accepted and have a place where we can all feel like we belong.

We’re so often left out of the mainstream, but now, finally, we have greeting cards that are a more accurate representation of our relationships and who we are.

We are proudly 100% LGBTQ+ owned. Our designs are all lovingly created by LGBTQ+ designers from around the world. Meet us below.

Nikki Love, Owner



As a queer woman, I personally struggled with love and acceptance—from others, but also from myself. It isn’t always an easy journey, but every day we move forward a little bit more. Every time the queer community is represented in the mainstream, things get a little bit better. Every time someone puts something out into the world for queer people, it says “You Belong” and that is why I created Snik. Because every single one of us belongs here. Our love is beautiful. And we deserve to have and share it. My hope is that these cards will make you or someone special to you feel loved for being exactly who you or they are.

Rachel A. Madej, Artist



Owner and artist of Rachel Antonia Designs, Rachel brings her unique hand-drawn style to every design. In total, Rachel has launched nine collections and counting and worked on projects for big and small businesses alike. Her witchy designs have inspired Witchy, Pagan, and Spiritual People from all corners of the world. Her involvement in Snik was an easy choice to make. As a queer woman with queer friends, coworkers, and family the idea of creating artwork that represents the underrepresented is very important to her. She says, "I remember looking for a card for my best friend's wedding and I couldn't find anything for same-sex couples that didn't include phrases like "love wins" or all rainbow imagery. They all felt like they were designed by people who didn't know how to illustrate queer love. Pride is a celebration, but your wedding day doesn't have to be all about being gay - it should be about the love of two (or more) people. Getting to take part in change that "normalizes" LGBTQ+ relationships is an honor.

Kali Malinka, Artist



I love what Snik is doing! As a queer person, I love that we are seeing more positive queer representation. Queer role models, icons, and heroes are so, so important to see represented, as is art created for and by our community. The support for and representation of the LGBTQ2S+ community in media, art, and policy that I see today is something I so wish I saw as a kid and especially as a teen. Making cards by hand for family and friends has always been so important to me. Contributing to a project like Snik is, in a small way, like giving my younger (closeted and confused) self a hug, and in a much larger way, a nod of deep appreciation and respect to all of the queer rights trail blazers that fought before us (most notably the black trans women of Stonewall).

Erin Joo, Artist


I always enjoy contributing to projects that support LGBTQ+ rights, since it's the kind of representation I've craved as a kid. Being from a religious Asian family, I couldn't always be open about who I am or support the community as openly as I wanted to. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to take part in an online project, which gathers people from all parts of the world to create works and celebrate the relationships we have.

Cassidy Campbell, Artist


I obtained my BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design back in 2018, jumping straight into the world of freelance to pursue a career in art. Freelance has provided me the opportunity to work on a vast array of different projects over the past few years, with every experience leading to another exciting opportunity. I was so excited to have the chance to work with Snik and feel my identity as an LGBTQ+ creator was warmly and openly welcomed. It meant the world to be able to work on something I care so deeply about, and I can't wait to see what other beautiful artists they showcase in the future!

Filip Chaushevski, Artist



Being involved in a project, regarding the LGBTQ community offered a great satisfaction. I often say, and I do hope that when people see this (and the other) postcard will notice the normality that we refer to.

Regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, anyone can support LGBTQ people. Overall, people are more alike in many ways than they are different. So why genuinely loving someone is still an issue?

I hope that whoever gets this postcard as a gift will feel the freedom and calmness of their partner by their side, as did I while creating this illustration!

Alina Andreenko, Artist

Alina Andreenko Photo


I'm a 21 year old kid and a 1-year-old illustrator. A year ago I found a very unhappy me being stuck in a very unhappy place in my life - studying and working where and what I didn't enjoy - and being surrounded by a drastically unhealthy relationship. This was a point of no return - I left uni, moved out, and started to build a new life. Drawing was the only thing I was learning and enjoying at that time. I carefully carried it with me and built my lifestyle and love around this passion. And participating in this LGBTQ+ project is one of those big important steps in this journey of learning love, learning how to love and appreciate it, care and full-fulfill the needs, be open and support other people to get a step on the way to freedom.

Alan Ngo, Artist



I’m a junior graphic designer and illustrator that is based out in Edmonton, AB. I wanted to get involved with Snik because I was interested in working with a business that is led by LGBTQ+ individuals. I love helping to create designs that are queer related for organizations like this as I normally don’t get the opportunity to do so. It was a project I couldn’t pass up on since it gave me a chance to try out new ideas that was fun in the end!

Kate Travyanco, Artist


I got involved with Snik because an area I'm living in is not welcoming of LGBTQ+ people and it's sad and hard to deal with. I think that projects which support LGBTQ+ people are important and great!