LGBTQ+ cards.
Designed by LGBTQ+ artists.

Queer love is beautiful. And that deserves to be celebrated in the gayest way possible.

Because your love isn't in the card aisle.

Pick a unique style for your unique relationship.

Because no relationship is the same. Each of our LGBTQ+ artists brings a special flair to Snik cards.

Meet the Artists

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Support LGBTQ+ Equality

For every purchase made we send a portion of the profit to Egale, an organization dedicated to ending oppression and advancing equality for queer people.

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Tell them what Hallmark won't.

If you’re like us, every time you go to get a card from the store you’re disappointed.

Nothing looks like your queer relationship. 

So you end up buying a “friendship” card and scratching out the word “friend.” 

Or going with something bland and generic. 

But not anymore. 

Our cards are as gay as your relationship. And that's not something you're going to find in the card aisle.

But you will find it here.

For the queer community, BY the queer community

About Snik

We are a proud, queer company just trying to make the world a little more inclusive one card at a time. Whether it’s for your partner, for your friend or for your newly out family member, a Snik card let’s you share the love.

After all, love is what matters most.

We’re always adding new artists and styles to the collection for even more variety. Because we believe that your love should own half of the card aisle.

Meet Our LGBTQ+ Artists

All our artists bring a different style to Snik.
So you find the cards that truly express your love.


Nikki is the founder and owner of Snik. She is both a hopeless romantic and a firm believer in equality for all. She created Snik for the queer community to have, share, and be proud of their love.


Alan is a junior graphic designer and illustrator based in Edmonton, AB. He loves to work with clients in creating their visual ideas come to life, whether it is from greeting card designs to logo designs.


Erin Joo is a fledgling illustrator from Virginia, looking to find her place in the professional world. She loves working with warm colors and friendly shapes.


Cassidy Campbell is a non-binary freelance animator and illustrator based in Minneapolis, MN. They've worked on a variety of projects over the years, and continue to seek out opportunities for LGBTQ+ representation in their personal and professional works.


Owner and artist Rachel A. Madej brings her unique hand-drawn style to every design. In total, Rachel has launched nine collections and counting and worked on projects for big and small businesses alike. Her witchy designs have inspired Witchy, Pagan, and Spiritual People from all corners of the world.


Kali Malinka is a freelance graphic designer who is driven to work and play in environments that foster community through creativity and collaboration. She studied Graphic Design at Emily Carr and BCIT and also holds a BFA in Art History from Concordia University. She is based in Vancouver, Canada.


Alina Andreenko is a bisexual lady, based in Belarus. She believes that all hoomans have a solid right to love (themselves and any other beings) and to be loved by life, so she's going her way listening to the heart and dedicating energy to creating lovely things.


Art has always been my go-to. I’m a graphic designer/illustrator and a self-taught artist who works predominately in the medium of painting.


A freelancer from Ukraine who tries to make the world a little better place.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope! We want it to feel like you just picked out your card from the card aisle, so we don’t charge shipping to Canadians. If you’re in America, we unfortunately do have to add a small shipping charge because we’re a small business and can’t cover the entire shipping cost to the US. 

Where are you located?

We’re a Canadian company based in beautiful Kelowna, BC. But our artists are located all around the world.

Are your cards super expensive? 

No. We aim to be competitive so the most you’ll pay for a card is $6.97 CAD, with free shipping to Canada and minimal shipping to the U.S. Plus, you'll get additional savings when you buy 3 or more cards!

Why does Snik donate to Egale?

We want to support our community in every way we can. We know that we're not experts in advocacy, but Egale is. So donating and supporting Egale is the best way we, at Snik, can help directly advance equality for LGBTQ+ people.

Are you going to offer cards for the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum?

Absolutely! We're just a small company starting out small. But we want everyone in the queer community to feel the love. Check back often as we grow and add to our collection.

Why does Snik keep telling me I’m loved?

Because you ARE! "You are Loved" is our motto and our purpose.